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Corporate Social Responsibility


The Group fulfills its social responsibilities through Jaiprakash Sewa Sansthan (JSS) which is responsible for a deeper layer of progress that reaches out to communities through social development services, thus ensuring that as we grow so do the communities in the local environments, where we operate.

A Comprehensive Rural Development Program (CRDP) has been set up by JSS that benefits dozens of villages in different parts of the country. We are striving to build a satisfying and contented community – which is essential for a stronger nation. At Rewa in Madhya Pradesh where we have 3 cement plants, a heavy engineering workshop, an alloy steel foundary and a soya extraction plant. CRDP is being presently implemented in over 28 villages. The activities of CRDP are all people centric and include free medical camps, free animal care camps, literacy campaigns both for young girls and for adult education, delivering safe drinking water and creating water reservoirs in different villages, generating opportunities for self employment and multiple social activities including renovation of schools and hospital buildings in the adjoining adopted villages.


We have also set up a 2 LTPA Soya/ Mustard Seed Processing Agriculture Plant which will benefit farmers in over 500 villages spread across an area of ~7500 sq. kms. around the Rewa Plant. It will offer products and services customized to the diverse needs of the agricultural value chain of farmers, aggregators, and processors. This is the humane face of development.

It is this same humane face that inspires the belief that ‘Education is the cornerstone of economic development’. We have now established educational institutes at all levels of the learning curve with 25 schools, 3 ITI’s, 2 Colleges, 2 Polytechnics and 3 universities. It has value above and beyond the numbers and the account books and has the power to convert a business transaction into a life transition.